“How to Help Your Agent Get You More Work”

As published on Backstage
By Melanie Forchetti

Q: What are your thoughts on how actors can help their agents get them more auditions? Competition is fierce, and with submissions being in the thousands for only a few audition slots, what is your advice for actors who want to get in the room more? Also, any advice on how an actor can make the jump from co-star roles to guest star roles? —@SamStyle, Backstage Community Forums*

Great questions! First of all, I love that you are asking how to help your agent—it’s all about relationship-building.

First, try to establish a great working relationship with them and ask what they need from you. Every agent is different, so if you’ve recently switched agents, the answer will likely be different from one you may have gotten before. Keeping them up to date on what you are doing (theater, web series, any awards you get, etc.) is also a good idea. The fact that you are already of the mindset of looking to help them is going to keep you ahead of the pack.

It’s also a good idea to establish great relationships with everyone on set when you book a job. They will remember you and ask for you again. I’ve seen it happen many times, and you can work your way up the ladder that way. Plus, casting directors remember you, too, especially if they get great feedback about you from a production.

You’d be surprised by how much of this is about being gracious and professional to your colleagues and reps!

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